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Vinyl or regular?

Increasingly, we notice that the stickers are gaining popularity. Many people want to get personalized stickers for their business, their music group or for a committed street campaign. Depending on how useful people make it, the materials of the stickers vary. Sticker Pusher produces two types of stickers; regular and vinyl stickers. The regular stickers…

Stickers for festivals

Festivals are memorable events that get people talking but maybe you’re looking for a way to attract even more festival goers next year? We have the solution for you! The stickers! Stickers are inexpensive, a good way to advertise at low cost, but are also a great gift to give to people at your event…

Stickers stories

Stickers are useful in many ways. They can be used as labels to indicate prices, as advertising or they can carry important information of all kinds. They can even be used for promotional purposes in certain contexts. Children love them, they are colorful, fun and can also be used as decorations. For some people, stickers…

Music bands and stickers

Stickers have always been a way to impose your brand and to advertise. Nowadays, the most popular stickers are those of music groups. These stickers are mythical. The logo of a group is its signature, its sign. Stickers allow fans, for example, to own the logo. That’s why group stickers are among the best selling….