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5 ways to use stickers

Around the world, the sticker is used by companies, artists, and individuals, for advertising, artistic or expressive purposes. Although its appearance is always similar, its use is diversified. We’ve prepared a list of things you can do with your own stock!


1- Sale For starters, stickers can be an attractive income for sale in the unit in events, in the shop, or on the internet. Moreover, several companies have made their vocation, selling thousands of copies and booklets different. Why not you ?!


2- Donation Also, the free distribution of stickers is a good way to give a positive image of your project to the public that you live, or simply to make it known.


3- Identification Collect stickers to provide information directly on the products or their packaging. There are countless people who continue to use this mode of identification.


4- Writing Who has never used the famous labels on school supplies, who wrote our names? The stickers are a writing area are also unavoidable in different areas!


5- Promotion Finally, we often see actions of “street marketing” during the time of artists, musicians. etc., make their own urban advertising by sticking stickers in city streets.