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Montreal has its own street arts site!

Did you know that the Montréal mur à mur website was created by art lovers to showcase our local artists?

You will discover therein a recommendation of pedestrian circuit to carry out with family or between friends, to discover the marvelous creations carried out during the previous editions of the MURAL Festival. “The starting point of the tour is located in the ‘place des murales’, which is the parking lot behind the LNDMRK offices near Prince Arthur. From there the turn goes up St-Dominique and the east side of St-Laurent then down Clark and the west side of St-Laurent. ”

The site also gives access to wall charts, a unique opportunity to discover in pictures the majority of works that animate the sad buildings of the city. These lists also allow you to know new local and international artists who mark their time by sharing their talents with us.

In conclusion, this is the site to visit if you are a street art lover who wants to strengthen his artistic culture by not leaving the house!