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Prevention or awareness campaign

Most awareness campaigns are done through social media or television, but these campaigns are mainly made to target a very specific group of people (for example, an awareness campaign with young people aged 18 to 24 will be made on social networks to reach a maximum of young people).

For campaigns with a more general target audience, such as veganism which targets people of all generations and of all genders, it is better to try a more general approach. That’s why you might want to consider wild posting. Posting on the street is illegal in many countries, but in Montreal it was allowed in the 1990s.

The stickers can be used in many different ways; one of them is to use them to advertise “old school”. So, to get a message across, what could be better than sticking stickers on the streets? These artistic adhesives are an under side way to promote. However, promoting a movement, idea or message with stickers works very well. Learn about municipal by-laws before you get started.

In conclusion, stickers are a very affordable way to raise awareness among a large audience. This promotional option will not have as much impact as a professional poster campaign, but it is a good start, especially if you are on a budget. Contact Sticker Pusher to create custom stickers.