Regular or vinyl, which option best suits your needs?

Most of our sticker formats can be printed on both of theses paper types to insure you can chose the best option for your needs. The regular stickers are printed on paper, which is not recommended for outdoor use. In fact, the paper is not water resistant, its usage is there fore more restricted then for vinyl stickers which have a longer life expectancy and are weather proof.

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Sticker Visual Format

In order for your file to print right it must be saved as a high resolution PDF (300 DPI) and have a 0.25mm bleed. Hit us up if you have further questions regarding your visual and its format, it will be a pleasure for us to give you a hand!


Square Stickers

2×2″ 3×3″ 4×4″

Oval Stickers

3×2″ 4×3″ 6×4″

Bumper Stickers

11.5×3.5″ 7.5×3.75″ 7.5×3.75″ Oval 9.25×2.5″

Rectangular Stickers

3×1″ 4×2″ 6×2″

Round Stickers

2″ 3″ 4″

Adhesive Business Cards

5×3.5″ 6×4.25″

Adhesive Tags

3×2″ 4×2″ 5×3″

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