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Stickers stories

Stickers are useful in many ways. They can be used as labels to indicate prices, as advertising or they can carry important information of all kinds. They can even be used for promotional purposes in certain contexts. Children love them, they are colorful, fun and can also be used as decorations. For some people, stickers are an art form, a way to express themselves.

Throughout history, these adhesive labels have served many purposes. The first official sticker was created in 1935 by Ray Stanton Avery, an American inventor, but according to the definition you give to stickers, the ancient Egyptians might have been the first to use stickers to indicate prices in the markets. In 1840, the first postage stamps appeared in the United Kingdom. They made the mailing of letters by mail more popular and thus increased postal revenues. In 1880, labels became popular with farmers who wanted to differentiate their products from those of their competitors by advertising. Glue was added to the back of the labels before they were glued. Again, according to the definition we have of a sticker, this may or may not be considered as such.

In conclusion, the stickers have changed a lot in the course of history, but today, more than ever, they are very accessible, inexpensive and of good quality. So do not hesitate to go to Sticker Pusher.