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Your new sticker pusher has arrived!

Welcome to Stickers Pusher, a site where you order your stickers without taking your head and without ruining yourself! Our dedicated team is available every day to help you realize your project, no matter what product you are interested in.


We leave aside the great courtesies, here we are cool because our goal is to offer you an efficient service while remaining simple! Whatever your needs, we will give our best so that you receive your stickers in a reasonable time and that you are satisfied with your order.
To order

How it works?

You choose the model that tempts you the most and then you send us your file, and all that you do it directly from our online store. No waste of time, you order and we print you that!

Design of stickers

Here, we are so cool that there is even way we deal with you for the graphic design of your stickers! For that, you just have to contact us and we will refer you to our team of great designers!

Special orders

You have an unusual project and you would like to know if we can help you? Between us, you lose nothing in letting go of a call to ask us. We like to encourage creative projects and we like to innovate, so do not be embarrassed!

Ecological impression

All our achievements are made in respect of nature: use of vegetable and recycled paper inks, control of water and electricity consumption, etc. So you can count on us to provide you with stickers that respect the ecology and our planet!