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Street art in stickers!

What’s this?

The sticker art is a form of street art that has developed worldwide over the last decades and belongs to the category of post-graffiti art. Its purpose is to spread a message, an image or a logo with stickers stuck on various media in public places.


What is magic with the sticker art is that it adapts to all kinds of media in the streets of cities, while remaining less invasive than tags or other forms of street art. Here are the places most often found stickers: various panels, poles, abandoned buildings, mailboxes, gutters, bridges, traffic lights, and many others! In cities, nothing can resist the installation of a traditional sticker!

It’s legal?

We will not lie to you: the art sticker is forbidden in many countries because it is considered wild posting. However, in the city of Montreal it is legal to affix stickers on the wooden palisades of the sites on which we find posters!

The goal?

Art sticker campaigns have several goals, varying according to the campaign. Thus, they are generally used to:
-make messages to denounce certain things
-promote events, artists, or other
-to know a visual identity (with a logo for example)


The repeated vision of elements (here stickers) plays on the unconscious of the public, and thus passes the desired message is the principle of advertising. The sticker art is an effective and inexpensive way to know a cause or an artist while taking little chance of receiving a salty fine.