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Sticker styles and forms we offer

Stickers have long been used as decorative, artistic and corporate accessories. They are found in various forms, printed on various media, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose the product when it is created. Here are four different models and their uses:

1- Basic forms

Whether on regular paper or vinyl, you can print almost all forms of stickers: round, square, oval, triangular, rectangles, etc. These are the ones we find most often in everyday life, whether on our streets or in the shops.

2- Car decorations

Bumper stickers are also widespread, across a variety of sizes and shapes, on all kinds of vehicles. This model is created to be highly adhesive to effectively hold on cars and windows, while resisting rain.

3- The cut-out stickers at half-length

This model consists of printing on sticky paper rolls patterns cut from the adhesive part. We can print several small stickers or a big one on this kind of support. The advantage of this option is that the contours of the adhesive surface are not damaged by friction or by time; the sticker remains intact.

4- Wall Adhesives

These large format prints create a custom giant sticker that will decorate a matte. They can also be used in restaurants to print the menu and display it over the counter. It is an original decorative element that always knows how to attract attention.

All these models are available in our online store if you would like to know more about the stickers.